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Welcome to TGITPW's Advice Column. This advice column is to help disabled women written by a disabled woman! Feel free to ask any question whatsoever.

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Are you sick of reading advice columns written for able bodied women? Columns that seem to leave you out. Or maybe, you’re newly disabled, and have no where to learn. You’re confused, lost, and nobody seems to understand. Maybe, you’ve been physically disabled since birth and have never felt like you belonged in this able bodied world because every magazine or show you watch makes you feel insignificant. 

This is why this blog exists.

I, “The Girl in the Pink Wheelchair” (I always envied advice bloggers with their so “anonymous” pseudonyms… and now I have one too!) am going to change that. I will answer any questions without judgement. I have a lot of experience from juggling my genetic illness, my chronic illness, and try to keep up in a world that makes me feel like poop for being physically disabled.

I remember so well when I first became ill and disabled. I was lost, confused, and cried every single day because not only did no one I know understand but I couldn’t find anyone who did understand. I felt trapped, alone, and scared. 

I am going to change that. WE are going to change that. This blog is for YOU. To ask those questions you’re answered about, or the answers you can’t find an answer for. Maybe, you’re trying to figure out which diaper is best or the best way to relieve swelling. Any question will be answered. I am here by my passion to help others and to change the world.

I’m also here to remind you that you are FABULOUS.

I can’t wait to meet you.



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